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New Client Full Assessment: 

I will meet with you to discuss your current health concerns & wellness objectives, to share information on general Ayurvedic principles, and to help you understand your unique doshic constitution and current state of imbalance from an Ayurvedic perspective. The initial consultation generally lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The follow up appointment is scheduled within a week or two, at which time you will receive specific recommendations about lifestyle, diet & nutrition, and herbal therapies designed to restore balance and help you achieve optimal health and  well-being.
Cost: $195 for the 2-visit package 


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Wellness Coaching Consultations & Packages 

(in person or online)

As your wellness coach, I will walk along side you on your journey toward optimal health, providing encouragement, accountability, and expert advice as needed.  You decide where you want to begin, and how you want to proceed every step of the way.  

Who benefits from wellness coaching?

  • Those who need support in their quest for optimal health
  • Those who have chronic health conditions and need one-on-one support to manage their condition and improve their well-being
  • Those who have been prescribed behavior change by a doctor or other health practitioner and need support in making those changes.

Hourly Rate: $85

  • Three 45-minute consultations: $160 (15% discount)
  • Six 45-minute consultations: $305 (20% discount)
  • Twelve 45-minute consultations: $575 (25% discount)


More information on the benefits of health coaching:

"Will Health Coaching Save the Modern World?"

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Shirodhara, one of the great purifying and rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda, consists of the continuous flow of warm oil onto the head and scalp. It is one of the most profoundly relaxing therapies one can experience. It leads to a state of calm similar to the relaxation response observed in deep meditation.

More information on Shirodhara therapy...

$85 for single treatment, 

$75 for subsequent treatment re-using your oil

$280 for a package of 4 shirodhara treatments (a $30 savings)

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